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I‘d like to start my last blog off on a personal note of thanks to all our virtual passengers on this voyage of discovery–your contributions, connections and care have turned the search for a mystery girl into a search for the immigrant in all of us. 
Today is Columbus Day.  Although the day is fraught with issues of colonialism and conquest, the idea of moving toward an unknown horizon is still a powerful one.
As our “mystery girl” blog ends with this installment, I think it’s fitting that we post it on Columbus Day, a day that celebrates an explorer who knew that there was more over the horizon than dreamt of by his culture’s philosophy. 
Our mystery girl moved to an unknown horizon on her journey across the Atlantic on the Red Star Line. 
After she got to her destined shores there were unlimited new horizons ahead of her.
Part of why our search for this little mystery passenger is so powerful is the fact that there is a part of us all that is like that brave little girl, facing an unknown “edge of the known universe” and gamely plunging off the edge.
Although we are still unsure of her identity (although we hope that will change in the near future), we can be sure of one thing.  Whatever she did or dealt with in life, she would have brought her journey with her–the memory that horizons reached do not send you tumbling into limbo–they bring you closer to new challenges and to further shores.
Bon Voyage!
Gretchen Kelly
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